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Thank you so much for

giving children the

ability to communicate! 



- Maria Santarpia

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iTaalk's Brooke Olson named to Top 30 Innovators in Autism Research!


With the increasing number of children being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), innovative research is essential...

Rockford, OH Fox Family Raises over $11,000 for iTaalk
Saturday, August 15, 2015

10 iOS devices granted to children with autism thanks to incredible fundraising efforts of the Fox/Snyder family.

iTaalk currently offers public and private trainings. Follow the link below to see upcoming training dates or to inquire about bringing an iTaalk training event in your area.

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iTaalk offers grants as financial resources become available. However, we are constantly searching for resources, grants, and other funding sources for our families. View our Grants & Funding page to search our grant resource list or to see if we are currently in a giving cycle.

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App Lists & Recommendations

iTaalk prides itself on maintaining our app list, and keeping it short and sweet for families just starting out. With THOUSANDS of apps out there, sometimes it difficult to know where to begin. We hope to simplify the process by limiting to our Top 30! 

Tuesday Treasure​​

Tammy Eisenreich's blog on amazing financial resources available for families of children with special needs. 

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