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2023 Fox Family Ride for Autism iPad Grant Cycle is Closed.

The 9th Annual Fox Family Ride for Autism is going to be held at Second Crossing Brew Co. in Rockford, Ohio on September 16, 2023. Details about the event can be found at

This year at the Fox Family Ride for Autism 17 families from Mercer and Van Wert counties in Ohio, and Adams county in Indiana will be receiving devices. 


For those families still looking for an iPad we are happy to share a list of other possible organizations that assist families in obtaining an iPad. If you have further questions please feel free in contacting Tammy Eisenreich, Vice President of iTaalk, at or 567-377-5710.

Our next iPad Grant Cycle will open October 1-31st for families living in Ohio. There will be a day of training, where families will receive their devices, in early November. Details will be provided in the iPad Application. Must attend the training to receive the device, case, and all apps that will be distributed.   

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