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Help Getting an iPad

Before you start----RESEARCH (devices, APPs, accessories=cost)

1. Self-pay is one way to secure a device.

Here are some ideas to make it possible:
• *Have bank automatically deduct funds from your account

• *Home Party (Cookie Lee Jewelry, Longaberger, Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, ..)

• *Ask family and friends to give birthday/holiday gifts as iTunes cards

• *Businesses offering percentage for your cause.

• *Community outreach—local newspapers & TV stations

• *Local charities (Boy Scouts, church groups, fraternal organizations, VFW…)

• *Garage Sale (Don’t have items to sell, get great items you can sell at in the FREE section and


2. Earn it

            *Setting up an account for your individual child and forward site to family and friends. They can donate or purchase items for your cause.


3. Lots of Raffles and Giveaways

*Deadlines always changing and they usually raise funds and then give an iPad. Keep checking back!!!


4. Medical Coverage for iPads and/or APPs

*Check your insurance policy’s coverage for DME(durable medical equipment), many carriers do not cover a SGD (speech generated device) that is designed to provide other functions.-Guided Access is now making it possible to get iPads covered.

* Bulking device, protective case and APPs together for a full package.

***Use language pertinent to the funding source***

Medical- stress the “therapeutic nature” of the need and “medical necessity” of device

Educational- stress “academic achievement” and “educational goals”

Vocational- stress “self-sufficiency” goals and potential

5. Writing Assistive Technology into the IEP

****Describe the AT with features needed, NOT by the name of specific device.

  • Assistive Tech Eval---bring your own device to show benefits


6. GRANTS---application process that usually requires denial of payment from another source, such as insurance. Each has their own specific guidelines and deadlines.


*AT Resources

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