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California Funding Sources

Angel Fight West

Provide passengers access to treatment at faraway medical centers; transporting blood to critically ill patients; flying special needs kids to summer camps; and many more humanitarian missions.

Avery-Fuller-Welch Children's Foundation

Provides grants that allow low-income families with children in need of supportive, remedial therapy to have access to those professional services. Provides grants for treatment/therapy must be submitted by the provider of care in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo counties.

Be Perfect Foundation

Provides funds to those needing wheelchairs, adapting cars, as well as covering unpaid medical bills to those who cannot afford to pay their deductibles and general daily medical necessities.

California Arts and Accessibility Program

This grant is intended to support the employment and careers of California artists with all types of disabilities, including but not limited to artists with a physical disability, visual disability, hard of hearing or deaf, developmental disability, learning disability, mental illness or chronic illness. Artists may request up to $3000 for activities that advance their creative work and careers, including the creation of new work.

Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation

Grants wishes of catastrophically ill children in southern California

For Kids Foundation in Monterey Bay

For Kids Foundation Monterey Bay is the financial provider of last resort for unmet critical needs of children under the age of 20 in Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito Counties in California.

Jack's Helping Hand

Providing everything from high-tech wheelchairs to prosthetic limbs, from appointments with specialists to custom-designed eyeglasses or hearing devices for children up to the age of 21. Assistance to families of children with cancer or special needs to help with transportation, food and housing costs associated with out-of-area treatments.

Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area

Takes referrals of kids with life-threatening medical conditions every year and grant them a wish that changes lives, forever.


Provides scholarship or grant funding up to $500 for programs or services for children with special needs within the area served by Ventura County SELPA.

Ride A Wave

Gives children with special needs the chance to feel the thrill of riding a wave and experience a safe, fun-filled day at the beach, whether they are physically, developmentally or economically challenged. While primarily addressing the California Bay Area, visitors have come from every US state and as far away as Canada, Italy, and France to participate in Ride a Wave beach camps.

San Diego Adaptive Sports Association

Improve the quality of life for children and adults with physical disabilities through sports and recreation. ASRA works to coordinate and foster a program of adaptive sports for individuals with a permanent physical disability that prevents them from participating in sports and athletics by providing competitive league sports, recreational team sports, instructional camps, sports clinics, and offers other adaptive sports based on need and interest. Mainly in the San Diego area and all free for families.

Spectrum of Hope Foundation

Children under the age of 7 with an autism diagnosis needing assistance with ABA, speech therapy, legal fees, parent trainings.

Talk About Curing Autism

TACA San Diego Chapter families have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to see a MAPS doctor of their choice for a maximum of $1000.There are other scholarships available for California residents as well.

Wheel to Walk

Helps children with disabilities, 20 years and younger, obtain medical & adaptive equipment or therapy services not provided by insurance. They purchase items such as therapy tricycles, adaptive strollers, shower chairs, pumper cars, zip zac chairs, selective communication devices, gait trainers, speech therapy and wheelchairs.

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