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Indiana Funding Sources

A Kid Again

Exists to foster hope, happiness and healing for families raising kids with life threatening illnesses.

Anna's Celebration of Life

Ensure that children with special needs can afforded the joy of celebrating their specialness by providing the life-enhancing equipment and tools needed to thrive. It must be a request for an item, device or service that will enhance the life of the child.

Families United for Support and Encouragement

FUSE provides information, resources and support to Indiana families raising children with special needs.

Hands and Voices

Indiana family resource guide for children with hearing loss.


Places dogs within Indiana and placement is determined by our Client Placement Team on what dog will work best for that particular type of placement. There is a 1-3 year wait time for a dog and sometimes longer for an autism assist dog.

Indiana Children's Wish Fund

Grants wishes to children in Indiana ages 3 to 18 years old who have been diagnosed with life threatening or terminal illnesses.

Make a Wish

Grants wishes of children 2 1/2 to 18 years old with life threatening illnesses. Must be referred by an agency, doctor or hospital.

Mark's Money

Mark's Money's mission is to provide financial assistance to persons with Down syndrome or other developmental disabilities to improve their quality of life by meeting their daily living, employment, medical, residential, or social needs. Eligible recipients must reside in Indiana or Tennessee.

Monroe County Autism Foundation

The Foundation exists to serve children in and around Bloomington, Indiana who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing financial resources for necessary educational and therapeutic interventions.

Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation

Serves families in the Hoosier state with muscular dystrophy that they may live independent and productive lives.

Northwest Indiana Cancer Kids Foundation

Providing HOPE & HELP to Northwest Indiana families affected by childhood cancer.

Northwoods Airlifeline

Help people obtain medical assistance that is unavailable to them in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to destinations in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Connecticut, and Texas, all at no cost to the individual.

Samantha's House and Van

Samantha’s House and Van is a non-profit organization that helps people who have been seriously injured or are disabled by improving their surroundings and making their life a little easier. The foundation chooses deserving people who are trapped both physically and financially due to their injuries or disability and that have everyday life challenges due to their current living conditions.

Servants At Work

SAWs© is an ecumenical, faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing freedom to low-income, permanently disabled individuals through the construction of high quality wheelchair ramps.


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