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Iowa Funding Sources

Autism Society of Iowa

Family Scholarships to attend programming such as dance class, music therapy and so on. Payment is made directly to the organization offering the programming. Contact 515-327-9075 for more information.

Department of Human Services Provide multiple assistance programs. Child Care Assistance, Food Assistance, Cash Assistance, State Supplement Assistance, and Job Training.

Designer Genes Downs Syndrome Group

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE - will consider a variety of requests including, but not limited to: camp fees, conference and workshop fees, and more.

Contact (319) 404-0396 or

Iowa Family Support Network

Children at Home assist families in securing the services and supports they identify as necessary in helping their child to remain at home. Different counties facilitate their own programs. A great resource directory too!

Northwoods Airlifeline

Help people obtain medical assistance that is unavailable to them in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to destinations in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Connecticut, and Texas, all at no cost to the individual.

Respite funding through the Arc of Stork County

Provides supplemental respite funding for families that need respite services.


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