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New Hampshire Funding Sources

Angel Flight East

Provide free air transportation to qualified patients and their families by arranging flights to distant medical facilities, delivering supplies to disaster areas, and reuniting families during desperate times. Provides transportation in the Northeastern region of the United States for distances up to 1,000 miles. The minimum distance AFE travels is 100 miles.

Association for Autism and Neurodiversity

*The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism provides financial assistance for a limited number of families who need a little help paying for services.

*The Daniel Braun Memorial Camp and Recreational Activities Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance for a limited number of teens and adults age 14+ who need help paying for recreational activities or services.

Cameron's Crusaders

Provides non-medical supplemental financial assistance to children and their families battling medical issues in the New England region. Eligible expenses are considered to be necessity items, including mortgage or rent, utilities, auto-related expenses (eg, repairs, loans, and insurance payments), child care, treatment-related travel, hospital parking, prescription medications, other ancillary uncovered medical costs, etc.


New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

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